After four rounds of testing, our third map—Sanhok—is finally ready for showtime. The map may be smaller, but the battles won’t be.

This patch also brings UI and sound improvements and a new, Sanhok-exclusive weapon, the QBZ95. There’s a lot to cover, so let’s get into it.


New Map Sanhok preview
New Map Sanhok

Added a new map: Sanhok (pronounced “sah-nok”)

Sanhok is 4km x 4km map (one fourth the size of Erangel or Miramar). Although games tend to end a little more quickly on this tiny island, battles are still massive. Every game still features 100 players.

Certain settings have been customized specifically for Sanhok to better fit its unique design. Details are below.


Faraway players and vehicles aren’t rendered the same way on Sanhok, resulting in some server performance improvements.


Weather in Sanhok changes dynamically.

Players can throw apples while waiting to board the plane in the in-game lobby.


The redzone is smaller and shorter-lasting on Sanhok.

The center of the redzone appears outside of the playzone (the white circle). This means players are more at risk when outside of the playzone.
Bluezone on Sanhok has shorter waiting times and longer travel times.

The bluezone is also dynamic. It checks remaining player numbers before deciding the next circle, adjusting the waiting time and travel time accordingly (this doesn’t affect circle size).

Spawn Balance

The item spawn rules have been customized on Sanhok to get you equipped for battle faster.
ARs, SMGs, and DMRs are spawned more often. The total item spawn rate has been increased 5% compared to that found in the fourth round of Sanhok testing.

8x scopes and 15x scopes don’t spawn on Sanhok. However, they may still be obtained from care packages.

New Parachute

PUBG new Global Invitation parachute
New Parachute show case with PUBG Global Invitation

Added advertisement banners for PGI (PUBG Global Invitational) to buildings, billboards, and the default parachute skin on Erangel and Miramar
The Bengal Tiger parachute skin is unchanged and when equipped will replace the default skin

New GUN!

QBZ95 New Gun for PUBG
New PUBG Gun QBZ95 – Exclusive to Sanhok Map

Added the QBZ95, a Sanhok-exclusive weapon

The QBZ is an AR that uses 5.56mm rounds. It can hold 30 rounds per magazine, and can be extended to 40 rounds.

The QBZ replaces the SCAR-L in Sanhok’s item spawn pool (meaning the SCAR-L no longer spawns on Sanhok). The QBZ95 spawns about 1.4x as often as the SCAR-L used to spawn on Sanhok.


Accuracy modifiers applied from moving, changing movement stances or aiming modes are no longer applied instantly.
This means that for example, when aiming down the sight, you won’t gain the full accuracy improvements from ADS until your sights are aligned.
The winning player or team will now be given approximately 8 seconds to celebrate their victory before the match ends and results are displayed.
Spectators can also watch the winning player or team celebrate.

New Map Selection UI

PC Update #15 UI Map Selection
New UI for map selection


New Friends List UI

New UI friends list
New UI for friends list

New BlueZone Indicator

New Bluezone UI
New Bluezone UI for better indicator


Plane engine sound volume when beginning the match has been decreased

The volume of sounds made by bodies of water (oceans, rivers) has been decreased

Care package plane’s volume attenuation curve is now steeper. This means the distance at which the plane can be heard is the same, but the distance at which the plane’s maximum sound can be heard has been decreased

The sound effect made when throwables impact water has been improved

All weapon sounds have been remastered for better quality
Excessive boost effect in low frequency range has been adjusted.


Aviator crate is now included in weekly random crates, its drop rate has been updated.
Aviator: 20%

Eguinox: 15%

Triumph: 10%

Raider: 15%

Fever: 2.5%

Militia: 15%

Biker: 10%

Desperado: 2.5%

Survivor: 5%

Wander: 5%


We’ve improved visual effects when bullets strike ground or water

The splash effect shown when throwables impact water has been made more realistic.

Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue where characters got stuck in certain areas of Erangel and Miramar

Removed a few objects from Erangel and Miramar which obstructed movement

Fixed an issue where certain plants in Miramar were floating above the ground

Fixed an issue where the sound when using an adrenaline syringe was longer than the associated animation

Fixed an issue preventing the Mirado from taking damage from grenades.

Fixed an issue where players inside vehicles didn’t take damage from unarmed melee attacks

Fixed an issue where grenade status effects (flash, burning) would sometimes not disappear after their intended duration.

Fixed an issue with pistol recoil animations not being played correctly in ADS after exiting a vehicle.

Fixed an issue where parts of the sidecar’s wheel were missing when the tire was destroyed.

Improved the vaulting interaction between some objects and windows.

Fixed an issue when spectating or watching replays where parts of weapons would disappear in certain situations (only weapons with high scope-mounting positions).

Fixed an issue where dropping a weapon immediately after firing abruptly stopped the sound effect.