Hello, my name is Ream. I am 27 years old and I am just like you. In this article, I want to talk about my passion for sports and how I lose fat and gain muscle. I also hope to change the mindset of most Khmer people who thinks sports is a waste of time and do not understand why we love what we do everyday at the gym.

Why I love gym? It is simply the same reason why you love drinking. I find it fun and it gives me confidence.

Below is what I’ve been through over the course of 4 years:

Self Transformation Timeline
Timeline of self transformation over the course of 4 years

Over of the course of the past 4 years, I have gained fat (weight), lose fat many times. It is normal for everyone, especially Gamers, to feel a lazy and laid back time to time and just want to kick back and play some DotA2 or shoots some K98k on PUBG with friends.

Now that I am starting a new journey to my fat loss again, I hope to write these articles/blog to track and show case how I am able to lose weight after being lazy for a period of time.

The last 6 months, I have been inactive due to finding out a new game called PUBG and my quest towards getting a lot of Winner Winner Chicken Dinner:

Before Transformation Photo
Current Photo of 20th June 2018 Before Transformation

This is a new start in my weight loss journey. Because I have been able to do it several times already, I am certain I will be able to do it again. I hope to share these experiences that I go through personally to you to save you time asking those people at your “gym” how they are able to do it and not getting any results.

1 week has passed, and this is what I did for the first week of my return to Gym:

Week ០:

1st June Friday – Cardio (At Prokout)

2nd June Saturday: Football with Friends (Active Rest)

3rd June Sunday: Rest

Week 1:

4th June Monday: Cardio (At Prokout)

5th June Tuesday: Light Boxing with the Mits (Active Rest)

6th June Wednesday: Cardio (At Prokout)

7th June Thursday: Light Boxing with the Mits (Active Rest)

8th June Friday: Boxing with the Mits, 110% effort

9th June Friday: Football with friends (Active Rest)

10th June Friday: Rest

Active Rest: Is how I keep my body active and play some sports at 50-70% effort and not pushing myself too hard.

Below is a video of my boxing training. I put my 110% into those punches to make sure I wear myself out!

Because I don’t like running, cycling or any other cardio sports; I have chosen boxing as my Cardio Explosive Sports. You can also choose to do any other types of cardio sports but I suggest Explosive Sports such as 100meeter dash, HIIT training, boxing etc etc. This will cost you less time and burn more fats (If you push yourself hard enough).

Week 1 (The Return) Goal: To ensure you push yourself through the whole week without rest (You can rest on Saturday and Sunday). This will put your body through a shock change of phase, recover and get ready for the next week to come. DO NOT skip any days of the week.

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